Why we are afraid of women’s circles?

mothers circle seaford

This is the title of a podcast episode I came across from Amy Taylor Kabbaz recently. I was scrolling for something else but this jumped out. When I’ve personally invited some mama’s in my village to come try circle, I have at times been met with statements like “?? ?’?? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ??? […]

A letter to the mother outlaws…

To the mother outlaws, I see you trying to re-write the rules of motherhood. You don’t fit into any category of parenting style fully. Maybe you breastfed but also bottle fed at times so you could go out freely. Maybe you understand the benefits of co-sleeping but don’t really like sharing a bed with your […]

The mental load on mamas during the festive season is HUGE!!

There is good reason why this time of year gets called the ????? season. There is a lot to do before the year ends, there are goodbyes and transitions, there is an increase in financial pressures, there is social gatherings which are not always wanted and the list goes on.The business of life increases significantly […]

Dear new mama of 3 kids under 3,

Your heart has expanding even further. It truly is a magical feeling. Especially witnessing all 3 children meeting for the first time. Take a snapshot in your mind of this moment so you can keep it locked away forever! Your body has created and birthed life 3 times in the past 3 years!! Seriously do […]

As they get older.

He is getting older. He is getting braver. More and more he moves away from me. Both literally and figuratively. Last week physically with confidence he leapt across the creek onto rocks. I had to keep calling him back. Asking him not to go that high. To stop running so far ahead. To make safe […]

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