The fully nurtured mother

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Supported mama, Joyful newborn experience

Tailored care packages, so you can experience the delights of this LIFE CHANGING time with your baby.

Be given the opportunity for deep rest and care, so you have the best chance of recovery from pregnancy and birth.

Be held and guided gently to increase your confidence as a mother, so you can feel certain & relaxed.

Always have a place to turn when things seem confusing or you need reassurance. 

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this time in your life will change you forever

Growing your family is one of the most transformative journeys a person will ever make.

Babies arrive to us in many ways, sometimes with great ease or unexpectedly.

Other times our journey to motherhood has seen many bumps, challenges and grief.

Whatever your journey, this is a space to honour YOUR birth as a mother!!

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I would highly recommend Rachael. The comfort and the guidance she gave to my wife and I has made our transition to motherhood so much easier. I felt like we could ask her anything without being judged and know no matter what, she would support us. Thank you Rachael.
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you deserve the best start to motherhood

Receive deep care and support that our society does not offer you.

We often underestimate the huge impact that parenthood has on the mother, the change for both parents, the impact on the relationship, siblings and extended family.

The newborn period can both be awe inspiring and blissful.

It can also shake you to your core and crack you wide open.

It can solidify your dreams, the relationship with your partner and your identity.

But it can also feel totally unsettling, confusing, and utterly exhausting.

It can create possibilities for new friendships (mum friends), and break from your career.

But it can be the most isolating and mind-numbing experience you will ever have.

In our current everyday mothering experience, there is little formalised supports to help with newborn care, the mothers recovery, relationship assistance or help with practical tasks. This has a huge impact on the overall parenting experience for mothers and families. 

We continue to have skyrocketing postpartum mood disorders, birth trauma and postnatal depletion.

Instead what if you could have a trained and experienced mother, right by your side to guide and reassure you that you’ve got this! 

Someone who will give you the space and time to go deep with all that is whirling around in your mind. 

What if all you had to do was rest and feed your baby?

How does that sound to you?

postpartum care packages

my role as your doula...

Is to set you up and support you to have the 4th trimester of your dreams!!

I will take you under my wing and take care of YOU, the MOTHER.

Then you get to fully rest, feed and bond with your baby. You receive not only the hands on support, but you have a gentle & non-judgemental person to help you process all that has happened and to help you trust and understand your own inner intuition.

Any moment you start to feel unsure or lost, you have me in your back pocket to text/voice or chat with to help you return to your blissed out new mama state. You will always have a place to turn and guidance of what to try next.

woman babywearing newborn baby

what will i receive?

I’m here to have you as my number one focus. 

I’m Rachael, mother of 3, and I bring with me 9 years of personal parenting experience, which includes parenting after loss and infertility, parenting neurodivergent children and also since 2023 my lived experience of solo parenting. 

I combine the personal experience, with many years of social work practice and the past 4 years specilising in mothercare.

So when you book me to care for you, you are not only getting a doula, you are getting a whole range of experience’s, knowledge, expertise and personalised care. 

You will receive:

Emotional support and well-being:

  • Receive a non-judgemental listening ear to gently help with the big rang of feelings that surface during this time.
  • Have the expertise and training of a social worker to monitor for any mood disorders.
  • Be provided with reassurance and encouragement as you learn to become a mother.

Individualised care:

  • Have visits and care that is unique and individual to each situation and family (each visit usually 3 hours)

Family Adjustment:

  • Assistance to siblings and the whole family to help with the adjustments and changes that happen when a new baby is welcome in the home.

Birth processing & debriefing:

  • Be provided with the opportunity and space to share, discuss, and process your birth experience with a trauma informed doula.

Breast/Chest feeding support:

  • Help with the position, latch, pain, and expressing.
  • Assistance with common challenges & providing a range of options to meet your feeding wishes.
  • Information and support for all forms of infant feeding.

Skilled newborn care:

  • Caring for a baby can be utterly confusing. Let me guide you around sleep & settling, bathing & nappies (inc. cloth nappies), baby wearing and feeding.
  • Trained and expert care combined with personal experience.

Holistic self-care & rest:

  • I am here to mother the mother. So lay down, relax, nap or enjoy a foot bath and massage from me. If mothers are well taken care of, the whole family thrives. 
  • Opportunities to do whatever would fill your cup and replenish you!
  • I can care for baby (& siblings), so you can achieve deep healing rest.

Ritual & ceremony:

  • Birth and the transition to motherhood is a sacred time. If it is your jam, I can incorporate ritual, meditation, gentle movement into any of our visits.
  • Start your journey to motherhood (or adding a baby) by having me facilitate a mother blessing for you (for more details click HERE).

Practical household tasks:

  • Spend more time with your baby, & allow me to complete light household tasks for you including, dishes, washing & folding, sweeping & vacuuming, & tidying up.
  • You will always be left with a home that is more tidy before I arrived.
  • In-home baking and cooking of nutritious postpartum specific snacks and meals.

Evidenced-based information & referrals:

  • My social work training enables me to draw on information that is credible & backed up with modern research (a lot of our baby care information that is shared is very outdated). So when you are feeling lost and unsure ask me anything!
  • I also have a great network of other professionals & local parenting resources/groups who I often link mums and babies with for holistic care. Which means you can get off google and ask me!

tailored support so you can have the fourth trimester of your dreams


contented clients

I really liked the postpartum planning session as it helped settle my mind by having a few things in place for when bub arrived and opened up conversations with my husband about how we would parent, and what our needs were.


Rachael is an absolute gem. The effort she went to in supporting me was above and beyond. She crammed a lot of assistance into her 3-hour visits and was so easy to have around, making me feel very comfortable during what is a very vulnerable time in a woman’s life. Her background as a social worker showed, with follow-up emails filled with valuable info and resources relevant to what we discussed. She would always respond rapidly to me contacting her and would check-in with me regularly between sessions. I would highly recommend Rach to any other first time mother transitioning to motherhood.


It was an absolute lifesaver having you visit and look after me. As, as usually happens, the focus is so much on the baby, everyone forgets to look after the mother.


I really loved the home visits and was amazed at how much we crammed in each time. With lockdown it was nice to have access to a professional but also a mum who could share their own experiences and advice. The book library, Voxer and the breastfeeding drop-ins were such useful resources as well.


While it was logistically helpful to have the visits, the biggest positive outcome was that I was reminded that I'm worth being looked after and looking after myself. That it's totally OK and a good thing to ask for help rather than try to do it all on your own. As it's easy to forget all that when the immediate environment (and our wacky Western culture) is mostly telling you otherwise.

Rachael flack is an accredited social worker and postpartum doula

package details

The Nourished & Nurtured 4th Trimester

$ 2200
  • 1 prenatal preparation session (~34 weeks, in-home or online)
  • 6 postpartum in-home visits (~3 hours per visit)
  • 8 weeks of Voxer audio/text support
  • Nourishing mama hamper
  • Unlimited access to library of books and carriers
  • and more...*
  • * Available on request

The Thriving Mama Package

$ 1500
  • 1 prenatal preparation session (~34 weeks, in-home or online)
  • 4 postpartum in-home visits (~3 hours per visit)
  • 6 weeks of Voxer audio/text support
  • Nourishing mama hamper
  • Unlimited access to library of books and carriers
  • and more…*
  • *Available on request

The Blissful Beginnings Package

$ 750
  • 1 prenatal preparation session (~34 weeks, in-home or online)
  • 2 postpartum in-home visits (~3 hours per visit)
  • 4 weeks of Voxer audio/text support
  • Nourishing mama hamper
  • Unlimited access to library of books and carriers
  • and more…*
  • *Available on request


add on: extra visit

$ 200-250

Add a 2 or 3 hour in-home or virtual visit to your existing package.

add on: message support

$ 199

Add 1 month of Voxer, email or message support to your existing package.


frequently asked questions

I’m here to answer any questions you may have about how I can care for you. If you can’t see an answer to your question here, please contact me.

We will meet at around 34 weeks to connect, develop a postpartum plan, and discuss whatever is on your mind. Once your baby is born, we get in touch and discuss when you would like your home visits. You may want the support as soon as you walk in the door from hospital, or you may want to wait until there is less family support available during the day. I also can depending on availability start clients who have already had their baby. Sometimes we don’t know we need the support until we are in the thick of it!

My packages and supports are flexible. I am happy to offer in-home and online packages or a combination of both.

There are so many beautiful things I can offer you at home and we can change it up with each visit. You may just need me to hold space for you and your emotions and to discuss your birth experiences. You may need me to cook you a nutritious meal and one-handed snacks. I can care for baby while you take a healing herbal bath/foot soak or have a nap that you desperately need.

I am a great multitasker, so I can put baby in a carrier, do some light house chores, assist with other children, while you pump or use the phone to make some needed appointments. The most important thing is that I am there to take care of you, because if you are well cared for it will have a beneficial ripple effect on your whole family. 

My in-home postpartum packages have 3 levels of support. They all include a postpartum planning session while pregnant, 3 hour (longer visits possible) in-home postpartum visits, voxer audio/text support, gifts for mama, and book library access.

Package extensions or custom add-ons can be tailored to your needs; depending on how much you want to invest and how long you want support for there is a nourishing package here for you.

Yes absolutely!

If you want to go deeper and find out more about how I can best support you during your motherhood transition, then contact me and we can either chat in person if you live close by, or we can arrange a video/phone call to discuss your needs.

Payment plans are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

In-home visits are available for clients within 40km of Seaford; a travel fee will apply for a distance of more than 25km. In-home support is also available within Warragul.

Rachael Flack smiling at the beach in Seaford, where A Mama is Born is based

book yourself the best postpartum experience

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