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Focus on your time becoming and being a mother. I offer a range of assisted conception, pregnancy and motherhood services.

assisted conception & loss

Experiencing pregnancy or infant loss is a heartbreaking. Seek professional support to guide you through this time.



hi, i'm rachael flack

Accredited Social Worker

A dedicated accredited social worker & postpartum doula with a passion for supporting mothers & mothers-to-be. My aim is to ensure every mama feels well-supported, nourished, & honored throughout their motherhood journey. 

I firmly believe that by caring for the world’s mothers, we contribute to raising kind & emotionally aware children. 

Join me in this important mission of empowerment & nurturing!

accredited social worker
postpartum doula

gifts to support pregnancy and infant loss

It can be difficult to know how to support someone experiencing a loss. These hampers and gifts have been mindfully created to provide both physical healing and to support memory making.

Rachael Flack journalling as part of a postpartum counselling session
Rachael Flack cooking for a client as part of a postpartum care package

women and mothers are at the core of my focus and practice

I utilise a matrescentric feminist approach. This means in a nutshell, that I relate to motherhood practice within a social and cultural construct. How motherhood is viewed in society and cultural directly impacts our mothering.

I endeavour to work collaboratively and respectfully to be part of the postpartum renaissance. I want to see motherhood defined as a period to be highly revered, and that for every mother, everywhere, a return to the “village of support” approach.


approaches for every mama

Rachael Flack providing postpartum counselling to a client at home

in person

Mama’s Gathering 3 month journey


New mother using A Mama is Born online services



qualifications and accreditations

My own inner healing and mothering journey combined with years of study and experience, has led to my work in the world being mothercare.

Newborn Mothers Accreditation Logo
As an affiliate of Newborn Mothers Collective, I am eligible for a small commission if you purchase the course using this link.

contented clients

I really liked the postpartum planning session as it helped settle my mind by having a few things in place for when bub arrived and opened up conversations with my husband about how we would parent, and what our needs were.


Rachael is an absolute gem. The effort she went to in supporting me was above and beyond. She crammed a lot of assistance into her 3-hour visits and was so easy to have around, making me feel very comfortable during what is a very vulnerable time in a woman’s life. Her background as a social worker showed, with follow-up emails filled with valuable info and resources relevant to what we discussed. She would always respond rapidly to me contacting her and would check-in with me regularly between sessions. I would highly recommend Rach to any other first time mother transitioning to motherhood.


It was an absolute lifesaver having you visit and look after me. As, as usually happens, the focus is so much on the baby, everyone forgets to look after the mother.


The Mama’s Gathering Circle is worth taking the leap and joing in on. To be honest I was a little nervous the first time, and I put it off a couple of sessions before taking the step to connect with others. Being an adult and doing things outside our comfort zone is hard. Putting ourselves out there and making new friends can be even harder. Rachael makes this easy. There is no pressure to open up and share things. You really can just sit back and enjoy the circle in a safe environment. If you’re a mum, or mum to be, allow yourself the time to join, guilt free! You and your family will benefit from taking the time out. I sure have.


I really loved the home visits and was amazed at how much we crammed in each time. With lockdown it was nice to have access to a professional but also a mum who could share their own experiences and advice. The book library, Voxer and the breastfeeding drop-ins were such useful resources as well.


While it was logistically helpful to have the visits, the biggest positive outcome was that I was reminded that I'm worth being looked after and looking after myself. That it's totally OK and a good thing to ask for help rather than try to do it all on your own. As it's easy to forget all that when the immediate environment (and our wacky Western culture) is mostly telling you otherwise.

Rachael flack is an accredited social worker and postpartum doula

common questions

I am here to answer any questions you may have about my postpartum, assisted conception, loss and counselling services. 

If you can’t find an answer to a question, contact me.

In-clinic services are offered in Seaford. In-home services are available within 40km of Seaford (travel charges apply after 25km) and Warragul. Most services can be offered via telehealth for those living outside of these areas.

Postpartum, assisted conception and loss packages can be purchased by contacting Rachael. To contact Rachael click here.

Counselling and mentoring sessions are booked online via Halaxy, my appointment management software. To book online click here.

Rachael Flack smiling at the beach in Seaford, where A Mama is Born is based

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There are a range of ways to access my services. Counselling and mentoring can be booked online, or you can complete my online form to learn more about booking or purchasing postpartum, assisted conception and loss services.  

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