mama's gathering

Mama’s gathering is a beautiful space for mothers to come together to be heard, held and make connection with others. It is our chance to step briefly away from the outside world and its pressures, and to join with other mothers to share our mothering wisdom, celebrate our wins and to have our tough moments be heard and held.

Enjoy a Mama's Gathering to practice rituals and create connections with other mothers
Meditation at Mamas Gathering

creating space and sharing stories

The focus in circle is on the mother and her needs, while often in a mothers group the focus is more on baby and baby’s needs and progress. I hold space for you in circle so you can put your needs and desires first and have them heard in a safe and non-judgmental space. I aim for you to step away from our gatherings feeling like you have replenished your own needs, feeling connected and empowered to continue transforming into the person and mother you want to be.


contented clients

The Mama’s Gathering Circle is worth taking the leap and joing in on. To be honest I was a little nervous the first time, and I put it off a couple of sessions before taking the step to connect with others. Being an adult and doing things outside our comfort zone is hard. Putting ourselves out there and making new friends can be even harder. Rachael makes this easy. There is no pressure to open up and share things. You really can just sit back and enjoy the circle in a safe environment. If you’re a mum, or mum to be, allow yourself the time to join, guilt free! You and your family will benefit from taking the time out. I sure have.

Rachael flack is an accredited social worker and postpartum doula

gathering details

3-month journey

$ 149
  • Attendance at 3 Mama’s Gathering sessions
  • Access to private chat amongst other attendees

common questions

I’m here to answer any questions you may have about a mama’s gathering. If you can’t see an answer to your question here, please contact me.

Each Mama’s Gathering journey is made up of three sessions, with the same group of mother’s participating in each session.

Visit my Events and Workshops page to view upcoming Mama’s Gathering dates.

During mama’s gathering we open circle with some meditation and gentle movement (like yoga/tapping/stretching). We may do an activity like journal writing or reading of oracle cards. We also sit in circle and share our words and stories with other mothers (you are welcome to also just be there to listen in circle); you will be safely held uninterrupted while speaking.

We usually have a theme each circle and we may do some self-massage, or I might give you a massage during meditation. After we close circle you can stay and share a warm drink and snack and talk further with the other mothers attending.

Occasionally I may invite a guest to attend to share their healing modality with you (like sound healing or drumming).

Gatherings are typically scheduled one Sunday per month (dates may vary) and run from 2pm til approximately 4pm.

Babies under 10 months (pre-walkers) are welcome to attend.

Rachael Flack smiling at the beach in Seaford, where A Mama is Born is based

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Head to my events page to find gathering dates and to book your ticket. If you have any questions complete my online form to learn more about Mama’s Gathering journey & once off events.

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