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I’m here to answer any questions you may have about my pregnancy, postpartum, assisted conception, loss and counselling services. If you can’t see an answer to your question here, please contact me.

I am university-educated and an accredited social worker. I have also undertaken extensive postpartum education. A full list of my qualifications and accreditations is available here.

In-clinic services are offered in Seaford. In-home services are available within 40km of Seaford (travel charges apply after 25km) and 5km of Warragul. Many services can be offered via telehealth or online for those living outside of these areas.

a mother is something absolutely new

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.
Rachael Flack journalling as part of a postpartum counselling session

more frequently asked questions

choosing a service or package

Yes, I would love to chat to you. Let’s make a time for a free discovery call. If you are local to Seaford and surrounds and considering in-home support, I am also happy to come meet you or meet out for a cuppa too.

Yes, you can book in a single session as a trial home visit before committing to a package. A 2-hour visit costs $200 and a 3-hour visit costs $250

These single sessions are for the purpose of adding on to current packages, or if you know you only want a one or two home visits. I cannot guarantee availability for single sessions as I only book in two package clients a month and they take up most of my availability.

Absolutely! These services and packages are the perfect gift request for you to receive from family and friends. Or why not get a group of friends together and get a Pamper Her Package once off visit and hamper for an expectant mama. Or put towards a larger package of several visits and inclusions. Contact me to find out how to make a gift purchase.

postpartum support packages

We will meet at around 34 weeks to connect, develop a postpartum plan, and discuss whatever is on your mind. Once your baby is born, we get in touch and discuss when you would like your home visits. You may want the support as soon as you walk in the door from hospital, or you may want to wait until there is less family support available during the day. I also can depending on availability start clients who have already had their baby. Sometimes we don’t know we need the support until we are in the thick of it!

My packages and supports are flexible. I am happy to offer in-home and online packages or a combination of both.

There are so many beautiful things I can offer you at home and we can change it up with each visit. You may just need me to hold space for you and your emotions and to discuss your birth experiences. You may need me to cook you a nutritious meal and one-handed snacks. I can care for baby while you take a healing herbal bath/foot soak or have a nap that you desperately need.

I am a great multitasker, so I can put baby in a carrier, do some light house chores, assist with other children, while you pump or use the phone to make some needed appointments. The most important thing is that I am there to take care of you, because if you are well cared for it will have a beneficial ripple effect on your whole family. 

My in-home postpartum packages have 3 levels of support. They all include a postpartum planning session while pregnant, 3 hour in-home postpartum visits, voxer audio/text support, gifts for mama, mothers circle access and book library access.

Package extensions or custom add-ons can be tailored to your needs; depending on how much you want to invest and how long you want support for there is a nourishing package here for you.

Learn More

If you want to go deeper and find out more about how I can best support you during your motherhood transition, then contact me and we can either chat in person if you live close by, or we can arrange a video/phone call to discuss your needs.

In-home visits are available for clients within 40km of Seaford; a travel fee will apply for a distance of more than 25km. In-home support is also available within 5km of Warragul.

counselling and mentoring

Non-directive pregnancy support counselling is a form of counselling based on the understanding that, in many situations, people can resolve their own problems without being provided with a solution by the counsellor.

The service involves the counsellor undertaking a safe, confidential process that helps the client explore concerns they have about a pregnancy or postnatal issue. This includes providing unbiased, evidence-based information about all options and services available to the client, where requested.

The terms are interchangeable, however ‘non-directive pregnancy support counselling’ is the official name of the service you can claim a Medicare rebate for.

Counselling services are available to anyone, however a GP referral is required if you wish to claim a rebate from Medicare.The GP referral must contain the following information:

  • The GP’s provider number
  • The client’s name
  • A request for non-directive pregnancy support counselling
  • Any relevant clinical information.

There is specific criteria that needs to be met in order to claim a Medicare rebate for non-directive counselling:

The client needs to either be pregnant or have been pregnant in the preceding 12 months. This includes women who have experienced pregnancy/infant loss.

A GP referral is required; this referral will enable you to claim a Medicare rebate for up to three sessions (a gap fee will apply).

The MBS item number is 81005 (services provided by an Accredited Social Worker).

Counselling sessions are available from the Liefde Wellness Centre in Seaford. Telehealth and home visits* are also available.

* An additional fee applies for home visits.

To make it easy to discuss the requirements of a referral from from your GP, we have put together a handy downloadable document. 

Download Information Sheet.

bookings and packages

Postpartum, assisted conception and loss packages can be purchased by contacting me - click here.

Counselling and mentoring sessions are booked online via Halaxy, my appointment management software. To book online click here.

payments and refunds

Payment plans are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

I would first hope that you could please discuss with me any issues with continuing with your purchase and my support. If it is financial concerns, we can always look at making your package smaller to save you some money. We may also be able to explore where you might be able to ask for some support to continue with the package you wanted.

Depending on when you want to cancel, I will offer you a refund based on any visits already completes, products already gifted, and lost opportunity for another booking.

In case of a stillbirth:
The loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy or after birth is a devastating life changing event. A mother who is grieving the loss of a child still needs just as much care and support as a mother with a babe in arms. I am experienced and trained in providing pregnancy and infant loss support. My intention would still be to offer you your planned postpartum package tailored to your unique grief and healing journey. BUT… if you really did not want this, I would work out a refund based on visits already completed, products already gifted etc.

I take my utmost care with packing and sending your purchases. If they have arrived damaged, missing or not what you ordered please get in touch. I cannot control what the postal service does after it leaves my care, but I will work with you to best resolve the issue, including claiming compensation from the postal service if it arrives in a damaged state (or doesn’t arrive).

Rachael Flack smiling at the beach in Seaford, where A Mama is Born is based

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