The mental load on mamas during the festive season is HUGE!!

There is good reason why this time of year gets called the 𝙨𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙮 season. There is a lot to do before the year ends, there are goodbyes and transitions, there is an increase in financial pressures, there is social gatherings which are not always wanted and the list goes on.The business of life increases significantly […]

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Recently I was asked to write a blog post for Marian Jarvis who owns the business Here is what I sent her. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. It’s a difficult and often uncomfortable subject matter. But I guarantee you there is someone in your life (if you haven’t yourself), that has […]

Grieving a loss and mothering is messy and complicated.

Two weeks ago we received the devastating news that my uncle, my dads brother died. They live in far North Queensland. We are in lockdown in Melbourne.The loss for me is not just about the tragedy that my uncle is no longer here. It is around the loss to his wife, kids and grandkids. It […]

5 things you can do for a mama in lockdown.

It can be so tough for us mamas in lockdown. Especially tough when we see other mama friends really struggling. Here is a few little things you can do to help a mama feel loved while in lockdown. 1.Ask them how they are going! Then continue to ask and check in with them regularly. This […]

5 Tips for a successful sleepover with grandparents.

Well it’s officially school holidays here in Victoria!! And thankfully (touch wood) we are also continuing to have easing of covid restrictions. Which means we can visit others, including our kids staying with grandparents. This post follows on from my post the other day about how we are grateful to have sleepovers with grandparents as […]

Dear new mama of 3 kids under 3,

Your heart has expanding even further. It truly is a magical feeling. Especially witnessing all 3 children meeting for the first time. Take a snapshot in your mind of this moment so you can keep it locked away forever! Your body has created and birthed life 3 times in the past 3 years!! Seriously do […]

As they get older.

He is getting older. He is getting braver. More and more he moves away from me. Both literally and figuratively. Last week physically with confidence he leapt across the creek onto rocks. I had to keep calling him back. Asking him not to go that high. To stop running so far ahead. To make safe […]

How I can help you with the 6 pillars of postpartum peace and joy.

I have trained with Julia Jones from Julia – Newborn Mothers who is one of the best people to learn about how to mother the mother. Her focus is on caring for and nourishing the mother which will ultimately benefit the baby and the whole family! Julia describes the 6 pillars of postpartum peace and […]

I had no idea what a women’s circle was four years ago.

But I did know I wanted to make local connections with other mamas after moving away from where I had had my first son. I knew I was in need for “me time”. I knew I enjoyed meditation, hearing others stories and talking. I was blessed to experience my first women’s circle with the divine […]