So you have a baby due. You have made all the big purchases. You know how you want to decorate the nursery. You may even be organised enough to have some nursing appropriate tops.

But do you know who to call if you are having breastfeeding issues? Do you have a GP or paediatrician who is supportive and really listens?Have you factored in who is going to care for you? The newborn mother?Who should you have in your village of support when you have a baby?

Planning for my postpartum was something that hardly entered my mind for baby one and two! It wasn’t until I won a postpartum planning session with @the_stephanie_poole that I sat down and wrote out who was in my village if I needed to gather their support when baby arrived.

Some of these things I booked in before I even had the baby including a private midwife and cleaner. For other supports I did the research and had the contacts ready if I needed them after the baby arrived. Why I included these supports:

➡️LC: there are many LC’s around. If you can find an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) near you, then you will be getting a practitioner most up-to-date with their professional development.

➡️Private midwife: Did you know you can get a Medicare rebated private midwife to see you in your home for the first 6 weeks after baby arrives home?

➡️GP/Paed: find medical practitioners who have special interest in mothercare, breastfeeding, normal infant sleep. This may mean changing who you have been going to, so you get the support you need. There is nothing worse going to get medical help to only walk away feeling disempowered and given advice that doesn’t feel right.

➡️Mental health/Mentor support: the transition from maiden to mother is huge! Have someone who can be there for you emotionally and to get non-judgemental support from.

➡️Cleaner/gardener-invest in paying for some parts of your village and outsource some tasks.

➡️Doula- well of course I’d say this! But it’s because having a person that can be there in a non-medicalised way to support and nourish the mama is so beneficial.

➡️Mums/Play groups: mamas need friendly and supportive mums to share mum life with!

➡️Religious community: if you are part of religious community then lean on them for meals, company, help around the home and spiritual guidance.

➡️Family: if you have a supportive one then tell them what you need! Be specific!

➡️Friends: Us mamas still need our pre-baby friends! If you have some soul sisters who light you up call on them to be with you on this next journey!

➡️Pelvic floor/Osteopath: Allied health professionals play such an important role in your rehab after pregnancy and birth! Make it a priority to have a full assessment to see what you need in your recovery.

➡️Massage/Reflexology: Touch is one of the universal postpartum needs. You can do your own self massage or seek it from others!

There are others who you can call on to be part of your village!

Pull your village together before baby comes! It’s a lot more stressful trying to find those that you need help from when you are sleep deprived and struggling!

If you want help making a comprehensive postpartum plan I offer once off sessions to achieve this. If you want a full postpartum package which also includes the prenatal postpartum planning PLUS the postpartum care and support I would love to talk to you and chat about how I can best support you! Get in touch through my socials or email me at

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