How to honour your fourth trimester over the festive season.

how to honour your 4th trimester during the festive season

My first babe was a newborn over the Christmas period. I was very excited to show off this long awaited bundle of joy. But in doing that I probably pushed myself too much physically and emotionally. I now know what I know, & if I had my time over I would try to put some […]

Who to have in your village of support.

So you have a baby due. You have made all the big purchases. You know how you want to decorate the nursery. You may even be organised enough to have some nursing appropriate tops. But do you know who to call if you are having breastfeeding issues? Do you have a GP or paediatrician who […]

My postpartum experience- Part 1 Xavier

In November 2014 after nearly 4 years of waiting we finally welcomed our rainbow baby Xavier into the world. It was a looong first labour spread out over days of no sleep. I will go into his birth story maybe in November for his birthday. But for now it’s important to mention the length of […]

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