mama blessing

As opposed to a baby shower, which is more baby centred, a mama blessing is focused on the mother-to-be. It is a ceremony and gathering to celebrate and acknowledge the journey of ‘becoming’.


focused on the mama-to-be

The ceremony gathers your village of women around you and you are gently guided through some practices that help you sit and be in connection with your mind, body, the other women and the journey you are undertaking. Your village leave you with their love, guidance, tips, and help light the way to motherhood.


contented clients

I really liked the postpartum planning session as it helped settle my mind by having a few things in place for when bub arrived and opened up conversations with my husband about how we would parent, and what our needs were.


Rachael is an absolute gem. The effort she went to in supporting me was above and beyond. She crammed a lot of assistance into her 3-hour visits and was so easy to have around, making me feel very comfortable during what is a very vulnerable time in a woman’s life. Her background as a social worker showed, with follow-up emails filled with valuable info and resources relevant to what we discussed. She would always respond rapidly to me contacting her and would check-in with me regularly between sessions. I would highly recommend Rach to any other first time mother transitioning to motherhood.


It was an absolute lifesaver having you visit and look after me. As, as usually happens, the focus is so much on the baby, everyone forgets to look after the mother.


I really loved the home visits and was amazed at how much we crammed in each time. With lockdown it was nice to have access to a professional but also a mum who could share their own experiences and advice. The book library, Voxer and the breastfeeding drop-ins were such useful resources as well.


While it was logistically helpful to have the visits, the biggest positive outcome was that I was reminded that I'm worth being looked after and looking after myself. That it's totally OK and a good thing to ask for help rather than try to do it all on your own. As it's easy to forget all that when the immediate environment (and our wacky Western culture) is mostly telling you otherwise.


I connected with Rachael through a course we were both studying & she facilitated my Mother's Blessing recently. What a beautiful morning it was for myself & my friends. A truly memorable experience. Rachael was a delight to work with & I felt truly safe & comfortable in the space that she created for us. She listened to my needs & was able to offer a list of activities that was suitable for all.

Rachael flack is an accredited social worker and postpartum doula

package details

mama blessing

$ 499
  • phone conversation to plan the event and designate tasks
  • travel to the ceremony location (withing 35km of Seaford)
  • hosting of three hour ceremony

frequently asked questions

I’m here to answer any questions you may have about hosting a Mama Blessing. If you can’t see an answer to your question here, please contact me.

Ideally this should be an intimate space with those that you deeply trust, feel safe with and who you want as part of your village. A mother blessing could be done with as little as 2-3 guests and maybe no more than about 15.

No, just a space that you can make feel comfy and safe, warm, and has the ability to allow catering, access to bathroom etc.

This is nearly every soon-to-be mama’s main concern. It is likely that most of your guests have never been to an intentional women’s event like a circle or mothers gathering. But way back down the generational lines, I bet their ancestors did. You may be worried they are not usually the ones that are very open, or they don’t share much. This is why you have an experienced circle facilitator running this for you. It is my job to create the safety for anyone who wants to open up and share during your mama’s blessing if they feel called to do so. I bet you can recall memorable weddings or funerals when the celebrant moved the ritual/wedding/funeral through the ceremony with ease. This is why I will be there to guide you all, but also to release to give you the space to be in it, not worrying about running it.

A few things to remember:

  • This blessing is about you and what you are about to journey on. Everyone coming is there because they have you in common. They want to celebrate and honour you. The focus is not on them. These feelings are often actually a mirror of uncomfortable feelings you might be having. If you can step up, express your wishes and need for this, then that will set the vibe for those around you to do the same.
  • Perhaps your guests have never had an opportunity like this to go deep. A space that intentionally invites them to express their true feelings. So just because you have not witnessed it in them, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a deep yearning to express and share. ALSO… no one needs to share with their words if they are not comfortable in doing this. No one will ever be “made” to talk.

Yes, we can discuss a payment plan if you need this option.

Rachael Flack smiling at the beach in Seaford, where A Mama is Born is based

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