Your heart has expanding even further. It truly is a magical feeling. Especially witnessing all 3 children meeting for the first time. Take a snapshot in your mind of this moment so you can keep it locked away forever! ?

Your body has created and birthed life 3 times in the past 3 years!! Seriously do you know how amazing you are? That has taken so much sacrifice, love and time. Just breath that in for a moment.

You have a newborn at your chest, while you juggle TWO, yes TWO toddlers. Maybe even another BABY and a toddler. That is a huge amount of caregiving you are providing. Take another breath.

Your eyes are stinging from the tiredness of feeding and night waking from possibly all 3 children. Your body aches from pregnancy, birth and picking up toddlers. You are STARVING but hardly get time to eat other than the biscuit or piece of chocolate in the pantry. Or maybe you are too busy for an appetite at all. I see how needed you are.

Your main hope for the day might be that all 3 kids coordinate a nap at the same time so you can either nap, shower, eat or tidy while they sleep. It is a rare occurrence which then sometimes makes the anger rise as you were desperate for that moment to yourself. It’s ok to feel this anger or annoyance. It’s not your fault. Society has left you in a position so you are left lacking support and made to feel you can’t ask for help.

Even though you know it’s beneficial for you to get out of the house, I know how hard it is to bloody coordinate getting that many little kids out and to get them in the car. The timing around naps and feeds make it hard. If I had my time again mama, I’d just go out anyway. I would have less focus on “awake windows” and stop trying to be home for sleeps in the cot. AND I would ask more people to come to ME!

Even though you have 3 little people with you most of the time, you may feel very lonely. Perhaps the mums group mums from your first child have all returned to work, there is certainly less fuss made about baby 3 which means less support, less visits and less meals delivered. But there are others out there mama, others who are also still home. Be brave and make new mama friends.

This is your winter season mama. You may be stuck close to home, hankering down and battling some storms. Stay cozy, warm, well fed and rested. You will love that you have 3 kids close in age. As they get older in some ways it is easier. They have similar activities they enjoy, sleep and food needs are similar, they play together and are each others friends. You are also in this sleep deprived, nappy changing season for a shorter time in one big chunk.

Before you know it this season is over and the sun begins to shine more and you are in your spring. They start to be able to do more things for themselves, help each other out and you enjoy feeling less touched out. As a fellow mama of 3 kids under 3, I see you over there mama. I feel you. Snuggle in for this busy season, it will have its challenges but you’ve got this.

My main teachings from this season is, that you can not have too much support. But it won’t just be given to you. You must seek it out and ask for it. Tell those in your village what you need. Delegate. Congrats to you mama, it’s magic ?

Pic of me 4 weeks in to being a mum of 3 kids under 3. Eyes red and sore from sleep deprivation with a newly diagnosed baby with reflux.

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