I have trained with Julia Jones from Julia – Newborn Mothers who is one of the best people to learn about how to mother the mother. Her focus is on caring for and nourishing the mother which will ultimately benefit the baby and the whole family!

Julia describes the 6 pillars of postpartum peace and joy as your newborn mothers manifesto. So how can I help you with each of these pillars?

1.Make a plan. ?

There is a huge focus on the labour and delivery of your baby (as thejre should be) but have you dedicated anytime to planning for your fourth trimester? It’s hard to know what you don’t know if this is your first baby especially.

So have me share with you my Maiden to Mother postpartum planning document and we can work through it together! I will give you things to think about that you would not have even thought of to plan for.

I also meet you in your home before baby arrives to help with any set up and planning ideas for when baby comes as part of my in-home postpartum packages. We can than of course tweak you plan once baby arrives because it’s really hard to plan for what we don’t know.

2.Build your village. ?

I can’t encourage this enough, we need our village. We are not meant to raise and care for children alone! Mothering can be very lonely despite constantly having someone with you.

Join me at any number of group activities I run to meet other local pregnant or newborn mothers so you can start building your village.

?Breastfeeding drop-in and chat every Tuesday.

?Mother’s circle the second Sunday of each month

?Maiden to Mother Gathering Tuesday the 20th of April.

3.Make mistakes. ?

I love this pillar! We need to get rid of the perfect mother myth and embrace learning on the job. Each and every baby is different it’s why there is no specific book for your unique baby!

Motherhood is the ultimate trial and error experience. The more we try new things the more we learn. And what works on your first baby may not work for your next.

It can be hard to trust your inner knowing and intuition when the motherhood industry is saturated with experts telling you what’s best for your baby! But I am here to help you believe in yourself. I can gentle guide you if you are stuck for ideas on what to do or where to get extra help.

4.Embrace baby brain. ?

You have a baby and you literally physically have a different brain. MRI studies show the brain changes mothers develop so they can harness in their protective instincts and forget less important stuff like where you put your phone.

It takes time, patience and understanding to adapt and love these changes. Enjoy the loved up feelings and the increase in oxytocin provides, and ride the wave.

I’ll help boost your oxytocin when I care for you at home. I’ll also help you ease into your feminine when you attend my mother’s circles.

5.Ask for help. ??‍♀️

It can be hard to be brave and ask, but what’s the worst that can happen? As I said above we use to mother, clean, cook as a community. Modern mother’s should not, and can not keep up pace on their own with all that is needed in a day.

If you don’t have family and friends, reach out to your local community, yes people you may not know! There are also many people through this season of parenting, missing family or lonely who are happy to help those with young families!

A big part of my role is to help you ask and receive the help, I even do the asking for you if you needed!

6.Love conquers all.❤️

Mother’s are loving creatures. Blame the brain changes or hormones but we often are the ones helping those around us. But as a newborn mother it’s time to sit down and allow others to love you!

It starts by loving yourself, your body and mind which will open you up to receive love and support from those around you!

I will lovingly care for you by nourishing you with meals, baths, massage, rest.

As Julia Jones says do what beings you peace and joy. If you need help achieving peace and joy then I would be honoured to be part of your journey!

?You can also join me on the 20th of April at my Maiden to Mother Gathering. Check previous my socials for details and bookings via FB event.

?We also meet monthly in mother’s circle. Next circle is the 11th of April. Bookings via FB event.

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