A letter to the mother outlaws…

To the mother outlaws, I see you trying to re-write the rules of motherhood. You don’t fit into any category of parenting style fully. Maybe you breastfed but also bottle fed at times so you could go out freely. Maybe you understand the benefits of co-sleeping but don’t really like sharing a bed with your […]

How I can help you with the 6 pillars of postpartum peace and joy.

I have trained with Julia Jones from Julia – Newborn Mothers who is one of the best people to learn about how to mother the mother. Her focus is on caring for and nourishing the mother which will ultimately benefit the baby and the whole family! Julia describes the 6 pillars of postpartum peace and […]

My postpartum experience- Part 2 Charlie

Firstly if you have not yet had the chance to read my blog last week about my journey through postpartum with my firstborn Xavier, then head back and read that one first. It really sets the scene on how I came into my postpartum period with Charlie. My darling boy Charlie was born exactly 18 […]

My postpartum experience- Part 1 Xavier

In November 2014 after nearly 4 years of waiting we finally welcomed our rainbow baby Xavier into the world. It was a looong first labour spread out over days of no sleep. I will go into his birth story maybe in November for his birthday. But for now it’s important to mention the length of […]

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