To the mother outlaws,

I see you trying to re-write the rules of motherhood.

You don’t fit into any category of parenting style fully. Maybe you breastfed but also bottle fed at times so you could go out freely. Maybe you understand the benefits of co-sleeping but don’t really like sharing a bed with your baby or child, so do a bit of both or purely sleep apart. And maybe you try your best to emotion coach your kids, but also at times it feels good to drop an F bomb and yell in frustration.

You are aware of society’s watchful eye over you, pushing you to try the humanly impossible feet of being the “perfect mother”, and saying NO to that.

Feeling some guilt surface (or non at all) for not being the “perfect mother”, but being content with “good enough” mothering.

You are open to changing how you were parented, open to questioning what authority type figures tell you, you like to experiment with how you mother your children to see what feels good for you, not what is told you “should” be doing.

I see you trying to find your community, so you can shift the need for being the all-sacrificing mother. You seek out other mothers, parents, groups, not to “fit in”, but to have deep and meaningful connections, supports and your village.

By being a mother outlaw you are discovering your deeper self. You are doing the inner work and healing. With more self and societal awareness you pursue change not just for your own mothering experience, but so your children can also live a freer childhood. So your children become parents who don’t feel the heavy gaze of society, and parent from their inner knowing and intuition.

Wonderful mother outlaws you are showing us what is possible in motherhood.

I thank you mother outlaws for empowering us to see what is possible.

Love from one rule breaker to another x

⚡️Inspired by the work of O’Reilly shared in motherhood studies certification with @drsophiebrock ? @yotography_

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