Well Melbourne just had their third lock-down period! This has been a gentle reminder of how important it is to have space in your home that is just for you! Just for the mama. A space that has some lovely, precious things. No kids items. Things that smell and look nice. Things that can be part of a ritual. Things that make you feel loved. Things that fill your cup.

If you have small children you might want a space that is portable! Then it can be kept up high so little hands are not tempted to play with it (you can set up a kid-friendly sacred space in their room if they are interested). Something like a tray that can be lifted around the house is ideal. You can have it on your bed, next to the bath or in any room you can find peace.

Items you may want to add to your scared space/tray:




-smudge sticks


-essential oils

-oracle/tarot cards


-journal and pen

-hand cream

-eye pillow

-flowers (fresh or dried)

-items that evoke memories (letter, jewellery, gift from loved one)

It can be really hard as a mum to have your own space within your home. A space that purely is for you. A space that encourages you to look after you. A space that honours you and brings ritual into your life.

It is really easy and a lovely process to create this space for yourself!

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