Motherhood Expanding Postpartum Planner




Motherhood Expanding Postpartum Planner

This planner is specifically for mama’s adding another babe to their family, to plan their own peaceful and joyful fourth trimester.

On purchasing your planner, you get sent the coloured PDF to print off and fill-in in your own time.

This planner really gets you to think about things you may not have thought of. It also allows space for you to reflect on your feelings, concerns and wishes for your journey to being a mother to multiple children.

Topics the planner covers:

  • dreams and wishes
  • physical wellbeing
  • food
  • household
  • emotional well-being
  • honouring matrescence
  • nurturing your relationship
  • caring for baby
  • your village
  • community support
  • resources
  • reading and viewing


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