Jizo Statue




Jizo statue

These little Jizo statue’s are used in several cultures, but especially Japan, as protector of children. Especially children who have died, and babies who have been lost due to miscarriage. They also symbolise baby soul keepers, healing of women and used in meditation.

What’s included:

  • Statue is approximately 8.5cm and made from resin/stone.
  • Some statues have praying hands, a flower or scarf. I will choose one from available stock; if you have a certain preference please let me know when ordering.

Perfect for:

  • Gift for infant loss
  • Gift for pregnancy loss
  • Mothers

Learn more:

Jizo statues are currently purchased through Past Recollections.

Add extra:

These Jizo statues are included in the large hamper, but can be added to the small pregnancy and infant loss hampers.


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