Who to have in your village of support.

So you have a baby due. You have made all the big purchases. You know how you want to decorate the nursery. You may even be organised enough to have some nursing appropriate tops. But do you know who to call if you are having breastfeeding issues? Do you have a GP or paediatrician who […]

5 ways you can support someone experiencing miscarriage. ?

When I was experiencing my miscarriages back in 2012 and 2013, I had no other family or friends who had experienced pregnancy losses (or gone through IVF). I felt very alone at times despite opening up to some family, friends and colleagues. I did my best to arrange supports for myself like seeing a psychologist, […]

Mothering Seasons

A concept that I had no clue about until I was sitting in a women’s circle 4 years ago was mothering seasons. I guess having children close in age I had not really felt the ebb and flow of the changes in mothering. I had remained busy, highly needed and sleep deprived from the moment […]

Truth Bombs about having children close in age.

truth about having children close in age

I had never thought that I would have children so close in age. I had always thought that maybe a 2-4 year age gap would be what we would do. But I also did not plan for us to take nearly 4 years of fertility treatments and 2 miscarriages to finally get our first born […]

Mothering after pregnancy loss and IVF-What no one talks about.

For those that have not heard our journey to parenthood, it may be helpful to hear a quick (if that’s possible) recap on how we became parents. We married in November 2010 and immediately came off the contraceptive pill and began trying for a baby. Becoming a mother is something I have wanted for as […]

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