Dear mama friend,

I’m writing you a letter, because let’s be honest, our conversations in person are often interrupted by a little person either asking for food, getting into something that may cause harm or we have to clean up a mess. I write to you because often we don’t get to have deep and meaningful conversations when we have the children with us. Especially as they become toddlers and older kids, it gets harder to chat about all the things that are happening for me right now.

But even though we don’t get to chat in length much, I want you to know how grateful I am to have you in my village. I love that I can text you the most random things and you will get it without judgement. Like the time my kids stole and ate frozen chicken nuggets. Or when my 4 and 5 year old boys while in lockdown decided to pee from their top bunk down the wall and soaked the carpet. I could text you this random stuff, add an F bomb if I needed, and you would text me back with a big WTF and laughing emoji. I so appreciate that when I’m having a tough moment, I can just message what’s happened. Not to get advice, but just so I feel heard in that moment. I am always sent back messages full of loving kindness which really boost my spirits in that moment.

Mama friend you get why I hardly call. It’s near impossible to have a conversation during the day with the kids here. But I do love it when we do occasionally attempt it. So our conversations mostly consist of texts/messenger threads. I appreciate these ways of communication as it makes the long days of being a SAHM/working from home mum less lonely. I at least feel that when I do see you in person I am not totally out of the loop of what’s happening in your life!

Mama friend I am so glad we met. I am so thankful we made the effort to make play dates happen, even when we had to cancel and rearrange several times due to sniffly noses, naps or bad weather. It was always worth the effort, because no matter how bad the day started out I at least got out and had contact with another adult who understood a bad night or morning.

I may not get the chance to say it enough or at all, as I usually have a little one pulling at my leg, but mama friend I love you and appreciate all that you do for me. I also am grateful for the kindness and support you give to my kidlets. I am so glad that we met and that I can say you are part of my village. I look forward to our next season of mothering where we may get the chance for kid free outings together and maybe a girls weekend away!

Thank you mama friend,

Your forever grateful fellow mama friend,


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