When you see or hear about Valentine’s day what does that bring up for you? I imagine for some it is excitement about being spoilt by your lover. Dates, prezzies, love-making and all things celebrating and enjoying each other. For others I’m guessing the day brings fourth disappointment, loneliness, triviality, and consumerism.

Valentine’s day is believed to have its origins as a Pagan festival in February celebrating or commiserating the life/death of Saint Valentine (which there are a few of). Modern times Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. Many thinking love between partners.While this may be true there are many forms of love in this world. We don’t have to rely on the love shown to us by others. It is just as important to show ourselves some love. Which can be hard in our modern day, village-less western society.But here are some ways you can celebrate and love you this Valentine’s Day:

1.Massage/physical touch.

Massage does not have to be something that is expensive or provided to you by a lover. But if you can get it that way then please do! If you can not afford to, or have time for a paid massage, or if you are single then there are many benefits of giving yourself a massage (and I’m not talking masturbating, even though that is also a good way to show yourself the love? ). In the words of my teacher Julia Jones “Daily self-massage can help you manage stress, accelerate recovery from childbirth, reduce pain and build deeper self-love”. Check out Julia’s blog and video on how to give yourself a nourishing and loving massage: https://newbornmothers.com/blog/the-newborn-mothers-ultimate-guide-to-self-massage?rq=self%20massage

2.Connect with nature.

Ground yourself and stabilise your nervous system by getting out in nature. It may be a gentle bush walk, an ocean swim or lay on the grass in your own yard. The human-nature connection has been studied by scientists for decades and its benefits to mind and body well are documented.

3.Gather with those that light up your soul.

What do I mean by that? Meet with friends, attend a womens/mother circle, or visit family who love and encourage you. Meet with those that only show you how amazing you are and who you draw inspiration from. Meet with those that boost your energy and don’t drain it.

4.Eat and drink delicious treats that increase your oxytocin (the love hormone).

Oxytocin is known as the love hormone as it creates feelings of calm and closeness. Its benefits are well known in childbirth. But it also helps with reducing stress, boosting sexual arousal, induces sleep and increases memory of positive social interactions. There are many ways to increase Oxytocin levels. One way is to eat foods that you enjoy and make you feel good. So treat yourself to something yummy that gets your mouth watering.

5.Take yourself out on a date.

What’s something you have been wanting to treat yourself to but haven’t prioritised doing yet? Maybe its as simple as sitting in a café with a cuppa and cake. Or maybe its more elaborate like going to the ballet, a hot air balloon ride over the city or a night away. Do something that you would really love to do and tell yourself you deserve to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Don’t wait for Valentines Day to remind you all about love. Try to practice self-love and compassion everyday towards yourself.

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