Navigating infertility & pregnancy loss during the holiday season.

Well December has arrived at the end of a very difficult year for many. We have all had to deal with the stress, grief, and isolation that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused. But for many, you have also had to navigate fertility journeys, IVF and/or pregnancy loss this year. For those walking this path, December […]

5 ways you can support someone experiencing miscarriage. ?

When I was experiencing my miscarriages back in 2012 and 2013, I had no other family or friends who had experienced pregnancy losses (or gone through IVF). I felt very alone at times despite opening up to some family, friends and colleagues. I did my best to arrange supports for myself like seeing a psychologist, […]

Mothering after pregnancy loss and IVF-What no one talks about.

For those that have not heard our journey to parenthood, it may be helpful to hear a quick (if that’s possible) recap on how we became parents. We married in November 2010 and immediately came off the contraceptive pill and began trying for a baby. Becoming a mother is something I have wanted for as […]

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