Yay! You have your baby in your arms, and you have begun the transition from Maiden to Mother. You have grown a tiny, amazing little human all with your own body. Everyone around you will be so thrilled to meet this little person and so much love and generosity will be thrown their way.

My role is to ‘mother the mother’ during this special period to enable you to feel nurtured, rested and lovingly supported and guided during these early days. My hearts work is to care for mothers so they can adequately recover from pregnancy and labor, establish feeding (which ever method you choose), and have the peaceful and joyful postpartum experience that you wish for. There are so many cultures around the world that treat the postpartum period as sacred, and the mothers are taken care of by the whole community. This may not be a common occurrence here in Australia, but with my support I can set you and your baby up to have the best start at a well-connected and loving relationship.

My in-home packages are very flexible and will always be adapted to your needs and desires. We will meet at around 34 weeks to connect, develop a postpartum plan, and discuss whatever is on your mind. Once your baby is born, we get in touch and discuss when you would like your home visits. You may want the support as soon as you walk in the door from hospital, or you may want to wait until there is less family support available during the day.

There are so many beautiful things I can offer you at home and we can change it up with each visit. You may just need me to hold space for you and your emotions and to discuss your birth experiences while I cook you a nutritious meal. I can care for baby while you take a healing herbal bath or have a nap that you desperately need. I am a great multitasker, so can put baby in a carrier, do some light house chores, assist with other children, while you pump or use the phone to make some needed appointments. The most important thing is that I am there to take care of you, because if you are well cared for it will have a beneficial ripple effect on your whole family. 

My in-home postpartum packages have 3 levels of support. They all include a postpartum planning session while pregnant, in-home postpartum visits, voxer audio/text support, gifts for mama, mothers circle access and book library access. Depending on how much you want to invest and how long you want support for there is a nourishing package here for you.

If you want to go deeper and find out more about how I can best support you during your motherhood transition, then contact me and we can either chat in person if you live close by, or we can arrange a video/phone call to discuss your wishes.