It can be so tough for us mamas in lockdown. Especially tough when we see other mama friends really struggling. Here is a few little things you can do to help a mama feel loved while in lockdown.

1.Ask them how they are going! Then continue to ask and check in with them regularly. This is so important, even if she says OK but you suspect she may not be. Keep trying to connect.

2.Drop-off meals, gift vouchers for food, order fruit and veggie boxes to be delivered or offer to pick up and drop of groceries or other essentials. You could also start her a meal train.

3.Make time to meet up at a playground, or go for a walk & take away cuppa and chat. Getting out for fresh air and exercise will always boost her happy hormones.

4.Drop kids arts, crafts or games to help keep her kiddos be entertained while in ISO. Caring for kids 24/7 in lockdown is so draining. Anything new and fun that will give mama a moments peace will be appreciated.

5.Encourage her to take care of her needs and fill her cup. You could also gift her items to do this like- bath items, hand cream, journal, candles, teas and chocolate. Help her vent and prioritise her needs over other things like remote learning.

Extra: If there is a mama who is really struggling you can go visit them and provide care. You can also have them come to you, or you can care for their kids to give them a break. If you can’t or don’t feel comfortable providing this level of care maybe you can help her source a private midwife, doula or someone else that is available to visit her in home. I’ve been working with one single mama and her babes the last 4 weeks while mostly being in lockdown. It is essential caregiving and our mental health is just as important as physical!

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