Uncertainty: Again our Covid-19 numbers are on the rise here in Victoria. Things feel uncertain again. Will we be back in full ISO again, will this effect the return to school, will we get sick, how will this continue to impact my business. I feel unsure of how much contact we should have with the outside world. Its school holidays, but I am not even that keen on attending playgrounds unless its early morning so numbers of people playing are low. We had ideas around attending wildlife sanctuaries, but what if the numbers continue to rise? I have plans for the boys to stay at my mums next week, so they get a change of scenery and we get a much-needed break. But what if we can’t do that next week? All very uncertain!

Proud: Feeling really proud of not only my children but all the world’s children on how well they are adjusting this year. One minute they are at kinder/ school, the next home for a few months, then back at kinder/school again with big changes on how that looks. I am amazed at how my kids have gone with the flow. Don’t get me wrong there has been tears, anxiety and moments of feeling unsure and missing friends and family. But I feel they have been more resilient than me. I feel proud to my core!

Longing: I feel a deep longing for in-person connection again. We have had some connection with family again and have seen literally only a couple of friends since coming out of ISO. I miss chatting to the parents at school, who I was only just starting to get to know. I wish we could have playdates with friends, but its near impossible because if any of the kids have the slightest sniffle we cancel. I had hoped to see friends for my birthday, but now with restrictions on numbers in our homes that has also been cancelled. I am offering my support in-person again with my business, but interest and numbers are low. I miss the in-person connection.

Depletion: It seems there are many worn out kids, adults and families at the moment. I am seeing the words post-pandemic depletion being used by the likes of Amy Taylor-Kabbaz in response to how many are feeling right now. So many of us landed in June, with more freedoms and availability of support, but were feeling just as exhausted maybe even more so, then when we were in ISO. I guess during ISO we were so busy holding it all together, wearing all the hats, juggling all the balls, we didn’t have time to stop. Now that we have had the chance to have some extra help with things like childcare, maybe some time to ourselves and return to some normality, the weight of what happened in ISO has caught up with many. Myself included.

Determined: Despite what’s happened I still feel determined to have fun this school holidays with the kids. I am enjoying the slower starts. The kids are enjoying more outside time again despite the freezing days. I am thinking outside the box again with what we can do close to home. I am also determined to keep putting my offerings to mothers out in the universe. I know what I have to offer is so important and needed. I also know these things take time to get out there and that mamas are likely unsure and worried about engaging in support during a pandemic. So, I am determined to keep moving forward with this business in the hope things will take off when the world settles the F down. See ya later the first half of 2020!!

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