Investment: $120

Postpartum planning sessions can be done either online or in-person either at your home, or a safe venue we decide upon together eg. At a garden or café. During our session which may take 1-2 hours, we discuss your hopes and desires in regards to your transition to motherhood (even if this is not your first baby). I provide you with a postpartum plan that we can go through and begin to fill in together. We will discuss topics and things to arrange, such as:

-your physical wellbeing;

-postpartum food planning;

-household planning and chore allocations;

-emotional and spiritual well-being for you and your partner;

-nurturing your relationship;

-care for your baby;

-building your village of support

-community and professional support available to you

-Resources and contacts

I personally had a postpartum planning session before my third baby was born (wish I had known about it with my first). It was beyond valuable to set out how I wanted my postpartum experience to be. I knew I wanted better this time round. I also found out about support and services that I didn’t know existed, and it meant we were well supported by our village when we brought our baby home.

So if you can see the importance of planning for beyond labour, and would like your initial days and weeks at home to be calm, supportive and nourishing, then please get in touch and we can make a time to get planning!