Mothers circle is a beautiful space for mothers to come together to be heard, held and make connection with others. It is our chance to step briefly away from the outside world and its pressures, and to join with other mothers to share our mothering wisdom, celebrate our wins and to have our losses be heard and held.

 The focus in circle is on the mother and her needs, while often in a mothers group the focus is more on baby and babys needs and progress. I hold space for you in circle so you can put your needs and desires first and have them heard in a safe and non-judgmental space. The aim of attending circle is so you can be held in a safe space so you can honour matrescence, develop deep connections with other wise mothers, and to express overwhelm and worry guilt free. I aim for you to step away from circle feeling like you have replenished your own needs, feel connected and empowered to continue transforming into the person and mother you want to be.

What’s involved: During mothers circle we sit and mingle, we may do an activity like journal writing, we can have a read of oracle cards, and we sit in circle and share our words with other mothers (you are welcome to also just be there to listen in circle). You will be safely held uninterrupted while speaking, we do a relaxing mediation and we may do some self massage or I might give you a massage during meditation. After we close circle you can stay and share a warm drink and snack and talk further with the other mothers attending.

When: Second Sunday of each month-open to all who identify as a mother

Time: 2- 4pm (approx finish time).

Babies under 12 months welcome to attend if you wish or they need you.

Investment: $90- includes 3 circles, journal & take home gift

$35 per casual session

For bookings and updates on sessions visit my FB:

Our first circle of 2021 starts on February 14!